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Museum of Memories
Mon Oct 27
Oslo DKS

We are now getting out the jumpers for autumn and looking forward to the new shows we are making alongside our favourite ones on tour

First on tour from 8 Sept in Østfold, Norway, is Museum of Memories, an interactive performance exploring life, love, death and memories. The show will continue to tour across Norway in the autumn and tour to the UK for the first time in October, playing at Marine Theatre, Pleasance Islington and Harlow Playhouse.

About NIE

"The exceptional ensemble combines exquisite, highly physical acting and wonderfully integrated live music... deeply moving and genuinely memorable" – The Daily Telegraph (on The End of Everything Ever)

New International Encounter (NIE)
is an international company that makes award-winning theatre performances through a mix of physical theatre, award-winning theatre performances multiple languages, live music, storytelling and a European ensemble.


  • Create performances
    Since NIE began, the company has created eighteen
    new shows and won a multitude of awards worldwide!
  • Tour
    NIE has performed in 32 different countries on 3
    continents (and counting)...
  • Encourage Participation
    NIE offers workshops, lectures, post-show
    discussions and seminars for students and
    professional theatre makers.
NIE is a company registered in Norway in 
the European Business Register as
a registered charity no. 991979727
and in England no. 05088552 and a
registered charity no. 1129199.

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