New International Encounter
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The End of Everything Ever
Sun May 31 @19:00
Teatromania festival Bytom, Poland

Workshop with NIE

London - 22 and 23 May

NIE is about to start a new 3 year programme of work, new shows, new projects and some new places.  We are keen to make connections with some new potential collaborators - Actors, Musicians, Devisors, Designers. 

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About NIE

"The exceptional ensemble combines exquisite, highly physical acting and wonderfully integrated live music... deeply moving and genuinely memorable" – The Daily Telegraph (on The End of Everything Ever)

New International Encounter (NIE)
is an international company that makes award-winning theatre performances through a mix of physical theatre, award-winning theatre performances multiple languages, live music, storytelling and a European ensemble.


  • Create performances
    Since NIE began, the company has created eighteen
    new shows and won a multitude of awards worldwide!
  • Tour
    NIE has performed in 32 different countries on 3
    continents (and counting)...
  • Encourage Participation
    NIE offers workshops, lectures, post-show
    discussions and seminars for students and
    professional theatre makers.
NIE is a company registered in Norway in the European Business Register as a registered charity no. 991979727 and in England no. 05088552 and a registered charity no. 1129199.

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