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Buy the script for Snow White!


Loved Snow White when it was touring in the UK? Can't wait for it to tour to the US? Now you can buy the script for your own home comfort! Available from Oberon Books.


Loved Snow White when it was touring in the UK? Can’t wait for it to tour to the US?

Now you can buy the script for your own home comfort!

Available by clicking here at Oberon Books.

Press for Snow White 

‘Director Alex Byrne and his effervescent cast of actor/musicians ensure that barrel-loads of laughter spill over from every scene’
—The Stage ★★★★

“The six part cast tell a mystical story full of invention, drama and silliness, while also making up a fabulous band performing genuinely funny and harmonious original songs.’
—Stage Talk Magazine ★★★★   

“Snow White is up there with the best; a show that bubbles over with entertainment for both adults and children, carried through by this tightly knit ensemble’s inherent warmth, wit and charm.”
—British Theatre Guide

“With Snow White they have created a warm, jolly and timely reimagining, with something for everyone to enjoy and think on”
—Bristol 24/7

“Go and see it if you possibly can. It’s well worth the journey.”
—The Fine Times Recorder 

“[…] you’re guaranteed a fun and quirky experience right from the start.”
—This City Mum

Snow White‘s perfect alchemy of music, magic, myth and mirth,  […] will captivate the little ones but has enough winks at the adults and teens to keep them happy too.”
—Muddy Stilettos Somerset 

Audience Responses

“@tftheatres #bristol what a superb show #SnowWhite is truly brilliant production, funny and entertaining for both young and older folk!@steffimd_j is truly great as wicked step mother. Lots of fun, love it!”    @Tina_Hallett_ (Twitter)

What a clever piece of theatre @tftheatres really beautifully performed and brilliantly written. Gently pokes fun out of the Bristol left whilst embracing friendship, forgiveness and inclusion. Very poignant speech about fear and hate.
@ChopsyBristol (Twitter)

“#SnowWhite by @NIEtheatre and @tftheatres is a well crafted, funny show with a big heart! It dares us to love, forgive and make merry even in the face of senseless, ego-driven cruelty. Excellent ensemble performances from all. It hits all the right notes for a #Bristol #Christmas”

“Spent this afternoon at NIE’s Snow White and we all (group of 3 kids, 3 adults) were absolutely enthralled by this ingenious, hilarious thought-provoking production. Felt like the rest of the audience loved it too.”      @simongurr 

“Group of us went to see Snow White this evening & had a great time. Funny, clever, charming – with a timely message. Brilliant! Loved it.”

“Brilliant show enjoyed by all 3 generations in our party (5 to 77 years!). Congrats to @NIEtheatre & @tftheatres”

“I loved ‘Snow White’ by @tftheatres and @NIEtheatre – A super festive and fun show with such a talented cast, fantastic music and beautiful design. It was made even better with a hundred enthusiastic school kids in Snow White is a co-production with Tobacco Factory Theatres and Cambridge Junction.”

“Fantastic afternoon with the whole family for @NIEtheatre @tftheatres #SnowWhite in Bristol – a tribute to the talent and ingenuity of all involved.”

“what a fabulous production of Snow White! Hats off to the cast who are all so talented. It was warm, funny, interactive, inventive and magical and we loved the music. Thanks@NIEtheatre #twentysevenminustwenty #welovevegetables #mirrormirroronthewall”
“It wouldn’t be the festive season without a little theatre trip with my mum and #SnowWhite @tftheatres with @NIETheatre did not disappoint! Great ensemble work, lovely music, a little peppering of politics and a lovely dose of daftness for all the family!”
#SnowWhite @tftheatres had us rolling around laughing. Love the way it allows you to indulge in its humour and darkness. The singing mirror is genius .. so well acted, brilliantly inventive and glorious music. Give yourself a treat in its final few days”
“@tftheatres @NIEtheatre That. Was. BRILLIANT! I really want to see it again! A huge huge well done for another fantastic production. Can’t recommend #SnowWhite enough! Hilarious, intelligent and refreshing.”

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