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We know the positive impact arts and culture can make in young people’s lives but their access to creativity is becoming limited as public funding to education and the arts is cut.

Top secret arts award

We need your help to ensure as many young people as possible access high-quality Creative Learning to understand how to reflect on themselves and the world, get active, learn new skills, make friends, gain confidence and have fun.

“Thank you, I enjoyed dancing, acting wearing the costumes, everything!”
— Young participant, Carlo from Rushey Green School for Dr Orange/Dr Blue


NIE projects in the UK particularly target harder to reach community groups and young people who have limited access to the arts. There are three ways to support us:

PEN FRIEND£30 a year (£2.50 a month)
Your donation will help fund creative materials for workshops with young people

TRAVELLING COMPANION£120 per year (£10 a month)
Your donation will help fund props and costumes for a theatre project with young people

FREQUENT FLYER — £252 a year (£21 a month)
Your donation will fund a professional artist to run two creative workshops with young people

If you are able to gift aid a contribution we will also receive additional support on your donation

“This is the first time I’ve ever done this”
— Young person from the Top Secret at Alconbury Weald project


Many thanks to Sara Garnham and James Byrne. 

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If you are interested in donating to the company and corporate support, please contact Cat Moore (Executive Producer).


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